1st SWiSH Lunch: Sexual harassment at the workplace

We will have our first lunch in tribute to Sexual Harassment Awareness Day in March. We have invited Franciska Krings, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Lausanne, to speak to us about her project “Sexual harassment at the workplace: who harasses whom, how and why?” (read here the entire report in german as short or long version). In the study, around half of all employees report having experienced potentially harassing behavior at least once. It is neither an issue of the victim nor perpetrator personalities, but rather a consequence of organizational factors that decisively shape the emergence of sexual harassment.

Workshop – Gender Roles in Teaching

This semester’s workshop will explore gender roles in the classroom, impacts on co-teaching dynamics, and course evaluations. The workshop is open to all D-GESS members. We will have more information for you soon.

2nd SWiSH Lunch: Gender Quotas

We have invited PD Gesine Fuchs from the Institute of Social Management, Social Policy, and Prevention at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences to our second lunch this semester to discuss gender quotas with us. Since Swiss women acquired the right to vote in 1971, female political representation increased continuously. While an initiative for gender quotas was rejected in 2000 with a rate of 82%, informal gender quotas have slowly emerged as a practice in politics for some but not all parties. During the lunch, we hope to understand the impact of quotas, discuss what we can learn from informal quotas in politics for gender quotas in general, and hear about your thoughts on quotas. Read here the entire article "How Gender Quotas Work in Switzerland".



We will celebrate the end of the semester with a little BBQ – stay tuned!