SWiSH is the Society for Wom*n in Social Sciences and Humanities at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences (D-GESS) at ETH Zurich. We represent wom*n at D-GESS in university-related policy issues and provide a platform for mutual support and collaboration.


SWiSH is the Society for Wom*n in the Social Sciences and Humanities at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Science (D-GESS) at ETH Zurich, founded in February 2018. Our main goal is to achieve gender equality and diversity at D-GESS and ETH Zurich in general.

We seek to establish a fair and safe environment for wom*n at the department that is free from structural and institutional discrimination and to achieve equal representation of wom*n in senior positions, as well as throughout the department. We represent wom*n at D-GESS in university-related policy issues, in order to guarantee the continuation of gender equality efforts and to push for equal representation and higher visibility of wom*n throughout the department. SWiSH is committed to work towards integrating more critical perspectives on gender, race, class, and disability in the curriculum. Read more about the activities we're currently focusing on here.

We use the spelling 'wom*n' to emphasize that all persons identifying as female are included. Some of our events are reserved for FLINT. By this, we mean Female, Lesbian, Intersex, Non-Binary and Trans people.

Steering Committee

Frederike Maas (Co-President)

Frederike is a master’s student in the MAGPW program focusing on epistemologies of aesthetic experience. She joined SWiSH in January 2021. She currently represents swish in various departmental committees and helps with the organization of educational events.

Bessie Noll (Co-President)

Bessie is a PhD candidate with the Energy Politics Group, researching the low-carbon energy transition in the transport sector. She joined SWiSH in March 2020 and currently organizes the monthly SWiSH Newsletter.

Claudia Wiehler (Vice President)

Claudia is a PhD candidate at the Center for Security Studies, focusing on the dynamics of civil war violence. She joined SWiSH in January 2020. The organization of the lunch events is her main responsibility.

Claire Louise Blaser (Treasurer)

Claire is a PhD candidate at the Chair for the History of the Modern World, where she does research on a Swiss anti-colonial feminist from global and gender historical perspectives. She joined SWiSH in June 2020. She currently represents SWiSH in the departmental conference and helps organize the lecture series.

Alexandra Bornhoft (Steering Committee)

Alexandra is a master's student in the MACIS program at the Center for Comparative and International Studies (CIS), focusing her research on immigration policy. She joined SWiSH in October 2020, and is in charge of external affairs and organizing our workshops.

Victoria Haerter (Steering Committee)

Victoria is a master's student in the MACIS program focusing on political psychology. She joined SWiSH in November 2020 and is in charge of internal communication and coordination with other ETH associations.


The easiest way to contact us is per e-mail: swish@gess.ethz.ch

You can also contact any of our steering committee members directly for specific requests or questions.

Get involved

All persons registered as female with ETH automatically become members of SWiSH when joining D-GESS. All non-binary persons are also cordially invited to become members of SWiSH – just send us a quick note if you'd like to join.

All members receive the monthly SWiSH newsletter with updates about our activities, upcoming events and news concerning university politics, gender diversity in academia and other related issues. To subscribe as a non-member, enter your email below:

We're looking for more wom*n to take on an active role in SWiSH! If you would like to get involved in planning activities or organizing events, write to us or talk to us at the next event.


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